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February 07 2018


The anonymous button is not for hate messages and death threats! It’s for confessing your love and asking stupid questions!

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I really love those posts about asking if someone takes constructive criticism. They always make me laugh. I feel like Marvus is like… maybe the current Grand Highblood on planet? So maybe he has a say in how some things are run. He doesn’t take constructive criticism, though. Also, he’s busy texting so get lost.

February 05 2018



“trans women have to be labeled male for medical purposes!” nevermind that bodies of trans women on hrt operate incredibly different than cis men, but do go on, you were saying something about wanting trans women to have subpar care….

This post is always a good way to weed out people you don’t want around.

February 04 2018



New Rule of my blog:

If I make an open for one of my characters, but you don’t rp on tumblr, if you message me (either through ask or IM) then I can either put that character on Pesterchum for you to reply or you can message me on Discord to start the RP there.

Opens are for more than just tumblr, I obviously can’t just SEND the open to Everyone on discord

my discord, btw, is YandereGold#6707

PLEASE tell me who you are after i accept the request or i’ll delete you after like a week

Reblog if you believe everyone on the asexual spectrum is VALID


I need to prove a goddamn point 

Reblog if you’d be okay if your friend came out as transgender



let’s see how many transphobics we can weed out

if you can’t reblog this unfollow me right now

February 03 2018






I’m wandering around Whole Foods unattended (left the bae sleeping) and there’s a person here doing a demonstration on the uses for essential oils around the home and I may have to fight them.

Just for the record, tea tree oil is toxic to dogs and cats and you should not “drop a few drops on their bed to disinfect it”. Tea tree oil is only safe for your pets when thoroughly diluted, the safety range being a dilution of 0.1 to 1%. Most tea tree oil bottles come at 100%.

You are potentially dropping liquid death onto your pets bed where it will certainly come into contact with their skin and may be ingested when they lick themselves or their bed. Also never ever orally administer tea tree oil to your pet, I dont care what that one blogger and their nice clean aesthetic said, tea tree oil is toxic to dogs and cats and you will make them sick or possibly even kill them. It should only ever be used topically but only ever at the correct dilution and after the consultation of your vet who will most certainly have a better non lethal solution for your furry friend.

Now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to fight a Young Living sales rep. Hold my cart.

Their response when I quietly sidled up to them (I’m not an actual asshole who yells at people while they are doing their job) and informed them that some of the information (all of it, actually) was wrong, the sales rep looked immediately remorseful, told me they knew it was wrong, but that they had a script to follow in order to maximize sales, and that if they didn’t make their target goal they didn’t get paid.

So just in case you give a shit about ethical business practices and your pets (not to mention yourselves!): Do Not Buy Young Living Essential Oils

Not only do I suspect they are synthetic based (meaning myself and several others with respiratory allergies have reacted badly to them, in ways we do not react to actual pure oils which are obtained through either steam or cold press. I do not trust their “authentic” claims, and I have worked with a lot of essential oils over the last decade and a half. Also, the whole “therapeutic grade” things doesn’t actually mean shit. It’s not a standard recognized by any official regulating authority in the US, AUS, UK or other parts of Europe. Always dillute your oils with a carrier oil for topical application and for the love of god stop drinking them. You want the supplement not the essential oil, it’s a separate thing!) they also do not care that they are offering dangerous consumer advice, but are actively enforcing it. Do not buy into their pyramid scheme. Do not buy or sell from them.

I had to be That person who asked to speak to the manager of my local WH today because holy shit this, could have straight up murdered someone’s cat or caused their dog to have seizures. Their response to my concern was a befuddled “but it’s natural…” and I had to respond with “so is arsenic but I don’t see you selling it in the supplements aisle as a vital mineral”. She had to straight up think about that for a second before it clicked. 

Natural =/= safe. Be careful and educated and always double check your sources.

Keep defending the four-legged.

Many, MANY essential oils will burn a pet before they actually help them. When in doubt, call a vet before using anything that wasn’t recommended by one.

If anyone wants more information about why essential oils can be dangerous not only to animals but also to people, listen to this:


February 02 2018


i hate pedophiles because at 9, the man that married my mother solely did so just to get close to me and fail to groom me. 

i hate pedophiles because when i was 10, my mom’s boyfriend was planning to kidnap me, but failed because my uncle slashed the tires the night before

i hate pedophiles because when i was a tween, a grown ass man at the gas station got down on his knee, and proposed to me. i was alone. it was night time. i ran all the way home.

i hate pedophiles because one man showed up at my house when i was a child. he was an ex-convict. he got my address from a letter to my father in prison. when he was released, he came to my house. 

i hate pedophiles because my cousin was sexually abused. for years, his self esteem has been shot to hell, his grades are dead, he hurts himself and he’s been on suicide watch multiple times. and all this time, his failures have been blamed on just behavioral issues, rather than the trauma that was discovered. 

i hate pedophiles because my grandpa has always tried to frame my uncle(that saved me) as a pedophile, when he’s actually gay. so fuck your lgbt+ bullshit. you’re not welcome in our community.

i hate pedophiles because they constantly say ‘you never know who’s a pedophile’, even though it’s not difficult to tell. they say ‘we’re everywhere’, as if we don’t know that. thank you for making every child paranoid of any adult possibly preying on them. even now, as an adult, im still paranoid of every adult i meet being a pedophile. 

i hate pedophiles because they think just because you don’t actually rape a child, you’re perfectly fine and safe. you completely disregard the mental trauma you can bring just by existing near a child.

i hate pedophiles because “non-offending” is such a loose term. you can work with children, have children, visit schools and parks, surround yourself with children and potentially put them at risk, but that’s not wrong as long as you don’t touch.

i hate pedophiles because i had to bring my neighbor home with me, to wait for her mom to come home, because some fucker pulled up and tried to talk her into getting in his car. she was in 1st grade. broad daylight. almost ran me over making a u-turn to talk to this child. come to find out, his cars been flagged. he does this every summer.

i hate pedophiles because it breaks my heart receiving notices of sex offender moving in to the neighborhood, while living very close to three schools.

i hate pedophiles because every other day, a child in my neighborhood goes missing. guessing by my surroundings, 3 guesses where the children are.

i hate pedophiles because they think they need to be welcomed with open arms and cookies, or else they’ll offend. take responsibility for yourself. you’re an adult. you don’t need coddled just so you won’t rape a child. don’t put blame on anyone but your own twisted morals.

i hate pedophiles because they don’t think drawn/sim child porn, is child porn, and is illegal and immoral to consume. news flash; it is.

i hate pedophiles because they refuse therapy, even though it’s proven to be extremely effective. they don’t care about children, they only care about themselves and being exposed as what the world sees them as; disgusting, harmful peodophiles.

i hate pedophiles because pedophiles don’t hate pedophiles. you cling desperately to pedophilia being a sexuality(it’s not) and pedophilia not being bad(it is) and spew ‘pedophile positivity’ that just coddles these people that need help, telling them they’re ‘valid’ and ‘perfect’.

i hate pedophiles because they can’t even accept what they are. they have to hide behind ~map~ to soften the blow. cowards. 

i hate pedophiles because they brainwash people into thinking pedophilia is fine uwu, pulling people with pocd in rather than encouraging people to go to therapy and get help for their toxic attraction.

i fucking hate pedophiles.

Reblog if you believe everyone on the asexual spectrum is VALID


I need to prove a goddamn point 

January 26 2018


Begone TERF Masterpost

Reblog to banish TERFs from your blog.

Please feel free to add more. :)


anyone who wants to remove the T from LGBT can’t be trusted and only wants to spread hate. there is no way removing the T will help anyone or any movement, it just hurts.




trans guy: i feel dysphoric
cis ally: ur literally the handsomest manly dude guy bro dude man i ever seen before in my life my guy dude! just because you’re biologically a woman doesnt mean you aren’t super manly and handsome!! honestly wow your jawline is so sharp cut me with your jaw daddy father sir

for cis people asking what they should say, here’s a few suggestions:

- don’t overdo it (the reason why this example is Bad is because the cis person overuses all these masculine words and it’s too extreme).

- don’t say anything about how he is ‘biologically a woman’. never mention that to a trans person. ever.

- don’t shower him with compliments. yes, one or two might be good, but he isn’t asking you to confirm that he looks male (most of the time).

- do show sympathy. tell him you’re sorry that he feels that way and try to comfort him if you can (and if you try to comfort him, refer to the points above this one so you don’t do anything wrong).

- do ask if you can help. if he says that you can’t, leave him alone till he’s feeling better (or maybe try to cheer him up by changing the subject).

- do tell him you’re there for him, if all else fails. if anything, you can make him feel better by reminding him that he has a friend.

I really like this post because it’s honestly really helpful and doesn’t shit on cis people for being ignorant in this situation.



I think one of the worst forms of child abuse is injecting them with a terminal sense of guilt. parents who constantly use guilt as a disciplinary tactic end up raising children who are unable and afraid to stand up for themselves. they are taught that their needs are unimportant, that they’re selfish for trying to individuate, and that they don’t really matter. they essentially begin to look at themselves as a burden, as something to be tolerated instead of loved - how cruel is it to make a person feel apologetic for their own existence?

the worst part is that since the abuse isn’t “actively” vicious, it’s difficult to identify it. when a person is raised on guilt, they have difficulty establishing boundaries, and they have difficulty developing themselves spiritually. as such, they’re more likely to become victims of further abuse in their adulthood. when something bad happens to them, they assume they deserved it.

it’s the people who apologize for everything, it’s the people who deprive themselves of things that are good for them, it’s the people who end up isolating themselves from others because they feel inherently damaged.

guilt is a poison and the only antidote is compassion

Basically my stepdad who is okay otherwise


@ all the trans boys who got misgendered today: you look super handsome today!

@ all the trans girls who got misgendered today: you look super gorgeous today!

@ all the nonbinary folks who got misgendered today: you look super awesome today!

please, please dont let anyone tell you otherwise

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[aggressively supports and encourages young artists]

reblog this is if you know an amazing trans guy


Presume I am dead or critically injured if I don’t reblog this.











If you call pedophilia a kink please unfollow me and never talk to me again

Isn’t it disgusting that 23 people just unfollowed me

Unfollow me too

this goes double if you call paedophilia a disability. unfollow me twice

and if you call pedophilia an “orientation” or in any way compare it to being LGBP+ you can unfollow, delete your blog, and set yourself on fire. 

I just lost 50 followers.. bye

clearing out the trash



I’ve seen this circulating forever and genuinely thought “no way do I have any of them following me” until this week when it turned out I had all these fuckin “MAP” (pedophile) followers sad to find out I’m an “anti” (normal person)

Please leave and also please get guinea worm.

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now go! enjoy your blogging free of worry and obligation. i will defend you and keep you safe from harm. *:・゚✧

{} saw this post and was inspired to draw this.
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what you’ve all been waiting for: the televised adaptation of homestuck by everyone’s favorite childhood tv company!!!

this is physically painful

Im twitching


 The quadrants are changed! Redrom is for boys <3 girl relationships only, and blackrom just means you had an argument and don’t understand the true power of friendship but it’s okay your ashen friend WILL HELP YOU REMEMBER.

All blood is fruit juice. They don’t die, they just spill juice on themselves.

Katherine wants to be best biffles with Vicki!

Theresa isn’t REALLY blind, and she doesn’t taste colors cause that’s Satanist. Vicki had a change of heart and let Theresa live happily!

Ed and Amy are getting married cause they kissed.

Eric got mad that Felicity wasn’t his super best friend anymore, so they were almost blackrom oh no! :C He knocked over her juice box.

Greg is a meanie. He’s knocked over a lot of juice boxes.

Karl is the happy-go lucky leader who shows them all the power of FRIENDSHIP.





“He’s knocked over a lot of juice boxes” 





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