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November 01 2017

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Night Star Cat, Cat-O-Lanterns, and Ghost Cats.

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Please make this go viral.

It is so important I don’t even care if you delete what I write here, just help it be seen. 


If you don’t reblog get the fuck out of here




This is Charlie.

A couple days ago (10/28/17) he suddenly lost the ability to use one of his back legs. I took him to the emergency vet clinic and the only things I could afford were an X-ray (which revealed nothing helpful) and his medicine to help with inflammation and pain.

The exam depleted my bank account and cost 301.26. I really need to get him blood work to screen for a blood clot and diabetes but I won’t have enough after paying rent to get him help right away.

He has to drag himself if he wants to get anywhere and I’m currently bringing him food and water so he doesn’t have to move much.

If he is diabetic, has a blood clot, or a neurological disorder he really needs help right away. The other tests cost around $300 but if he needs a neurologist it’ll cost so much more than that. Please help my friend he’s such a good boy and I feel so helpless not being able to help him.

Ways to donate:



Please help my Charlie. He’s such an important part of my family. Anything helps. If you can’t donate please share this.

Thank you.

We have raised $26 so far. Thank you to everyone sharing this post. If anyone can donate please consider it. Charlie needs help asap and we are doing all we can on our end to feed ourselves , our cats, and to keep a roof over our heads.

Thank you to the folks donating.

$36 as of a few mins ago.

October 20 2017

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Here it is: Best stuff first

Extremely handy if you follow a lot of people and hate missing anything good. 

Best Stuff First moves the best stuff on your dashboard—mhm!—right up to the top. 

It’s rolling out this week on iOS and Android, and comes with this Help Center article.  

Thanks! ✌️

Head’s up folks! Tumblr decided to shit the bed and go non-chronological!

This bullshit is being rolled out this week and it’s going to be default!

This is dangerous and manipulative.

The main reasons for these “algorithms” that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have rolled out are manipulating what people see. Content they want you to see gets pushed to the top, anything threatening to their interests gets quietly tossed to the bottom so you’ll be too tired or bored to see it.

I can see this seriously messing with the livelihood of artists, so please reblog if you can!

Fuck sake. Guys, please please support your favourite artists with reblogs and signal boosts, there’s so much stuff Tumblr does to badly effect whether our art gets seen and it can seriously damage our livelihoods.

October 18 2017

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That is the exact spot my parents found a stray kitten. Nice little addition to the family, but would have been a terrible addition to the pavement had she not been very vocal OTL

No joke, the place where that cat is resting in this picture is called a “dead cat hole” it’s an automotive term.  Don’t believe me, look it up.

This is also where I found a stray cat, she was up in there during a thunderstorm and I begged my dad to let me being her inside and that’s the story of how I got my first cat.

Please don’t skip over this without reading it and making a mental note. Even if you don’t have a car, tell your parents or whoever, and make sure to do this. You think that’ll never happen but that’s what everyone thought who had this happen and didn’t check, and that poor cold cat met with a terribly sad end.

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I read this on twitter and every anti-choice response proves his point. They all try to redefine the scenario.

October 14 2017


Day 13 - Being picked up by a different oc 

A rare glimpse of Alicor’s sassy side with his kismesis Saelem who belongs to @thecrazyfantrolls

 “Why are you such a light-weight?”

“Wh-why a-are you so ugly?”

“Why are you so fucking heavy?”

“Did you just call me fat?!”

Further on the Leam side of the conversation later.

“How the fuck do you even lose a shoe?”

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Hey! Instead of supporting these rlly bad ppl who can bring harm to autistic people (will link proof below)! 

How about you buy autistic friendly clothes n stuff that can do u no harm from an actual autistic persons store @elsinore-snores !

Store Link

Proof of the gps on their FAQ

Hey signal boost!!!!

hey it’d mean a lot to me if yall’d reblog this since as an autistic person this is really fucking disgusting

we are not fuckin dogs to be microchipped wtf???? this only allows autistic people to be abused even easier than before

im sure non-autistic people can rb this for their autistic followers??

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A Jewish perspective on reproductive justice and birth control access from twitter user @lechatsavant.

IDK about other Jews, but I want all goyim who see this - especially American goyim from Christian backgrounds - feel free to keep this in your pocket the “freedom of religion” birth control argument comes up. In fact, I encourage you to use it. 

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This is VERY serious. Please keep you black cats inside this Friday the 13th!

Via trustmeimafraggle

October 13 2017


full offense but uh? cishets making jokes about “coming out” as random things, arent funny any other time of the year, and never have been. so idk why that would suddenly change today. on actual national coming out day. 🤷




here’s a thing that i don’t think american kids are told often enough:


ITT tech, virginia colleges, bryant and stratton, the art institutes, university of phoenix, everest, devry, etc - do NOT attend these places. do not give them your money - and it will be a lot of money. They are all, to a one, scams.

For-profit colleges prey on minority, low-income, military, nontraditional, and chronically underemployed students by promising them a quick path to a career. They are lying. They often do not allow the transfer of credits to and from, and many are either unaccredited or accredited by suspect accreditors. They rely on their students to take out massive federal student loan debt. They line their pockets with money from the government and then burden their graduates with tens of thousands of dollars of debt for inadequate education and degrees that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

If you’re a non-traditional student looking for a degree, don’t go to a for-profit. Find a community college in your area instead. most ccs have more flexible class times for especially vocational/technical certifications and quite a few offer online-only or hybrid degrees. Hell, if you’re a non-trad student and you have a GED and some spare cash, try studying for a few months and then taking the SATs/ACT and trying for a four-year straight out (that’s what I did). Or get an AA and then do a four-year. Or look for a technical/adult education program sponsored by a local community college or school district. Just please, please, please, don’t go to a for-profit college. They will ruin your credit rating, your finances, and your job prospects.

this post was probably inspired by it but itt tech is almost certainly going into bankruptcy and closing probably asap which heralds the death knell of other for-profit colleges  since the us government is finally cutting off their financial assistance for students

An increasing number of state universities are offering online or hybrid degree programs these days too.








Friendly October reminder not to put Spock or other Jewish characters in costumes with horns

to clarify: it is an antisemitic idea that Jews have horns (dating to a mistranslation of karan (shone) v keren (horns) ) which was perpetuated in art by the likes of Michelangelo. this is not a thing of the past–some gentiles still believe that jewish people have horns, and putting jewish characters in costumes/aus with horns is insensitive at best and also really fuckin gross

also do not depict Jewish characters as demons there is a very long history of Jews being seen as demons and that being used to kill us 

please do not dress Jewish characters in costumes that are priest outfit or nun outfit or with crosses 

Just to give y'all an idea of how modern the horn issue is: My dad, when he went to college in the early 1980’s, was asked by someone who had never met a Jew before where his horns were. In the 1980’s. My dad was asked where his horns were. This was only 30 years ago. I have been lucky not to deal with that particular stereotype in my lifetime, but that was less than a decade before I was born. And I know other Jews in areas where Jews are scarce have dealt with this much more recently than the 80’s.

Yup. When my mom went to college, her freshman year roommate woke up the first Sunday and started getting dressed for church. My mom was still in bed, so the roommate came over and woke her up.

Roommate: Did you want to come to church with me, or do you have your own church you’re going to?

Mom: Well, I don’t really go to religious services, but if I did I would go to a synagogue, not a church, because I’m Jewish.

(Long silence. My mom opens one eye to see her roommate staring in shock.)

Roommate: You … you don’t look Jewish.

Mom: (Who looks VERY Jewish) What do you mean?

Roommate: Well, my pastor always told me that Jews have horns and a tail.

Long story short: they didn’t end up getting along very well.

@optometrictzedek and @theforestsoulbird, it’s more recent than that.

I’ve been asked about my horns as recently as 1997.  In a public school in New Jersey.

It would b cool of my non-Jewish followers to reblog this!!! Spread this bc it’s scary and real and you should know!

October 11 2017

Reblog this if you believe that guys can be bi


Trying to prove a point to my asshole friend






concept: instead of hedwig, Harry goes into the pet store and this little snake in the back of the store talks to him, obviously gets his attention more than the other animals, and harry feels sorry for it so he takes it home. Then the snake helps Harry throughout his years at hogwarts as harry carries it wrapped around his hand all like “pssssst, haaarryyy, the dark lord isss coming sss” or just petty shit like “haaaarrryy, now is the time, assskkk out cho chaaannngg”

The snake getting really agitated in second year and Harry like ‘Aw, what’s wrong little friend?’

And snake’s like ‘Nah don’t worry it’s cool, it’s just that big fuck-off snake in the pipes that keeps making you think you’re hearing things—it’s like, ten thousand foot long, and I’m a corn snake, so you know. Bit intimidating.’

Third year he eats Scabbers and saves them all a lot of time

my hand slipped


Cats with their paws folded













Some bad news, Boss. - submitted by @cynicaldeino

“The animals caught in Hurricane Harvey’s path have survived the most punishing storm and torrential rain in U.S. history. This includes not just dogs:

And cats:

But squirrels:




And even ants:

But some of them will not survive PETA.

The photo is of the signature white van of PETA’s Community Animal Project, a donor-funded slaughterhouse on wheels. This is the type of van — and may actually be the same van — that:

Rounds up and kills healthy cats and kittens:

Steals and kills beloved family companions:

Is responsible for death rates as high as 96% for dogs and 99% for cats:

Resulted in the deaths of animals who survived a 2016 Louisiana storm; and has a primary mission to gain custody of animals by any means necessary — including trespassing, stealing, and lying — in order to kill those animals.

It is now in Houston, TX, rounding up animals. PETA calls it a “rescue team.” But if history is any guide, it’s a death squad.””

Left some images out, but yeah, in case you needed reminding



If only, let’s just keep exposing them and maybe we’ll accomplish something.

If their donors don’t support this and find out what their up to it could finally do the trick.

I’m…..appalled. Anyone know of any petitions against PETA? Because please, for the love of Christ, we can’t let them continue to kill animals, wild or domesticated, to push their bullshit agenda.

Alright can PETA be the next group labeled as a domestic terrorist organization?

I’m surprised people still support them at all. 

The reason why is probably primarily down to misinformed average people- PETA is a extremist “animal rights” group. They believe that no pets should be kept, and the director for the organization particularly hates pitbulls. What most people want to support are actually animal welfare groups- these groups don’t believe that domestication is universally bad for animals. The association with human rights is one of the biggest things, aside from lots of similarly misinformed vegans and vegetarians, it has going for it. Most people don’t research their charities because they assume they will know bad ones (church associated, things with “conversion therapy” in the name, stuff like that) at first glance.



In March 2017, my parents began forcefully arranging a marriage between myself and the son of a business partner of theirs. We grew up together but we’re not friends. It’s always been social between us; our parents are close. We are strangers. I call him “Charles Lee” because he’s just that–arrogant, reckless. Wild temper. He once hit me so hard I was brought to the emergency room. Our parents and the people around us believe him over me.

That said, in order to survive, I’ve had to do some questionable things. Which is what’s led me to my problem. Weeks ago, I tested positive for pregnancy. Took me awhile to see a doctor to confirm it despite the multiple pregnancy tests because I had to keep it a secret. That doctor trip took a lot of sneaking around and a very generous loan from a friend who barely has anything going on herself. I’m 5 weeks in. I’m running out of time to hide.

And I can’t have this baby. Having this baby means even more strict protocols than I already have now. It means I will be forced to marry “Charles Lee” as quickly as possible. It means I will lose what little freedom I have. It means I will be pulled out of school. It means I might as well be dead.

I live in a very religious country where abortion is illegal. I’ve found someone who does it safely, highly recommended by many other women; the price of her services and secrecy, however, is steep.

My finances are closely watched and there is no way I can suddenly justify taking the amount I need for the abortion without raising suspicion.

I’m opening commissions/requests–I have a lot of fandoms but aside from fanfic, I wouldn’t mind writing term papers or doing homework or research (just no math because I wouldn’t be able to give you your money’s worth).

As of October 7, 2017 I have $105 out of the $300 I need to cover medical costs and debts incurred.

If you have anything to spare, I’m only able to take payments through www.ko-fi.com/mirarespira – and if you don’t, please just send me positive vibes and spread this like wildfire. Please. I’m desperate.

Thank you.

Even if you don’t think abortion is okay, please of you can help my friend. What she is being forced to do by her parents is disgusting. Please help if you can.

Reblog if you're shorter than 5'8.



If you don’t reblog this, you are on duty to get the cookies off the top shelf. You have been notified.

5'3 wow I’m short

i hope you always have enough money to pay your rent on time, to buy your favorite groceries, and to invest in your art.




I receive that blessing & send it to everyone that follows me

And So It Is.

and so it is.

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